A Designer who can design website content on Showit and Social content such as Instagram posts, reel covers, YouTube thumbnails, and more. Must also be an expert in designing for the online coach industry, service-based industry, and e-commerce brands.  Most of our clients are struggling with sales and do not have the resources to invest in branding. They do not have a brand strategy or brand guidelines. We are looking for someone who understands how to create unique visual content even when clients don’t have the perfect brand resources. 

We are looking for someone who is an excellent designer who can design creative content and turn our clients' content into something amazing! 

You will be designing content for KLC the studio offers AND for all campaign management clients. 


KLC THE STUDIO is a marketing agency with consulting services. We have 2 core offers listed below 

Chief Marketing Officer [CMO] Consulting services: Think Luxury like a Hermes Birken Bag

For 3 million dollar earners 

Fractional CMO is for multi-million-dollar CEOs who want to go from full-time marketer to shot caller. This is for CEOs who need us to manage and oversee their marketing strategy and team. 

Campaign Management: 

For e-commerce brands, done-for-you service providers and coaches making over $50k

Done-for-you marketing strategy and content planning so you can hit your next $10k, $100k, or $1 million sales goal. 

This is our done-for-you offer where we design up to 10 hours of content either for social or showit websites. 


Kierra is a marketing consultant and expert for scaling coaches, e-commerce brands, and online service providers at all income levels. 

She is very creative, knowledgeable, and constantly thinking of innovative ways to solve her clients' problems. She consistently finds new ways to challenge the status quo. 

Kierra is not a one-size-fits-all consultant and she is looking for people on her team who have the same view. If the coaching industry says there’s one way to do something she’s going to come up with 15 alternate solutions. She never settles for doing the no-brainer thing or the popular thing, instead, she prioritizes her company's integrity and getting her clients results. 

Kierra believes in hiring experts and would rather have a master of one than a jack of all trades. She is a marketing genius and is looking for a designer to fit into her team.  

When it comes to content Kierra is a verbal communicator meaning she may voice note you or send you a Loom Video of her explaining something. She may request to have a meeting twice a month so she can verbally outline what content she wants you to create. 

Kierra is a decisive individual. She does not waste time second-guessing herself nor does she get decision fatigue. She has a clear point of view and doesn’t mind vocalizing it. She expects her team to have a perspective as well and to be able to communicate their recommendations for things clearly. 

She believes that team members should have time off for mental health and vacations. Still, she expects that all projects must be completed with precision and that her team members communicate proactively about their bandwidth and where they need support. If you make a mistake, it happens! But you are expected to take responsibility, proactively share the breakdown in the process that caused the mistake, present a solution for an immediate fix, and present a solution for moving forward.

Kierra is lighthearted and sarcastic but also blunt and direct. She will provide frequent, thorough, and direct feedback. Sometimes that can be mistaken as cold or rude, but she's most likely busy & going from task to task and doesn't have time to sugarcoat Slack messages.

The best way to describe her personality is like Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man. He’s super brilliant, charismatic, and direct, some hate him others love him (he doesn’t care either way) but in the end, Iron Man wants what’s best for people and will make the ultimate sacrifice to defeat Thanos. (A+ if you get this movie reference!!) 

That’s exactly how Kierra is. Kierra doesn’t try to fit in, she’s an innovator and always on the cutting edge. She uses her brilliance to help her clients stand out, some people won’t like her, others will love her (either way she’s unbothered) and she will always do what is in the best interest of her clients, team, and her company. 


Kierra has a mix of slow and steady and sometimes sprinter energy meaning she likes to batch and bulk all her tasks in one sitting. For example, if she’s doing her content she would rather create 8 podcast episodes recorded in one day than spread them across the month. She’s someone who likes a hard push for 3 days and then needs 5 days to recover. Then she’s back in the saddle again. This means many of her projects will be batched in bulk with lots of calendar space throughout the week.



This is not a role that allows for a lot of deadline flexibility. We are an agency with tight turnaround times(24-72hrs), and we have clients that are managing massive launch campaigns. If you cannot meet a deadline you must inform Kierra in less than (8 business hours) of being assigned in ClickUp if you need more time. Note- Client deadlines are not always negotiable. 


Kierra has a clear working schedule but every now and then she will send a message after business hours. You will not be expected to respond during that time. If she messages at 1 am you will have the freedom to respond during normal business hours. Or if you’re having a restless 1 a.m. night like she is feel free to holla back! 

Kierra’s preferred mode of communication is verbal. She is a clear communicator who knows exactly what she wants but it’s easier for her to say it or show it via loom video than it is to write it down. Your role will be to meet with her or to watch her loom videos to create design content. If there are gaps in what she is communicating it will be your responsibility to partner with Kierra to fill those gaps. (i.e. asking the necessary questions to make sure the design is what’s requested)


Project manager

Data analytics manager 

Content Writer

Campaign manager (future hire) 

Executive assistant (future hire) 


Time Management & Project Management 

All of our clients and Kierra have fast turnaround times. This role will require you to have frequent communication in Slack with Kierra and the clients. It will also require you to be familiar with project management tools. Our tool is clickup but experience with similar project tools is fine so long as you understand how to utilize it to project manage. If you were assigned a task you should be checking it periodically to see if the client responded, making sure you have your clickup notifications on, etc. We will have standard operating procedures to help with this!

Creative point of view

A lot of our clients do not have a clear creative point of view or brand guidelines. Their brand strategy is either non-existent or minimal. Some of them have chosen random fonts from Canva and colors they liked. The basic brand asset they have is either a logo or colors they typically use when creating content. 

You will not be responsible for creating brand guidelines or a brand strategy but you will be required to create a point of view for our clients when they don’t have one. We want this designer to get creative about how to draw this information out of our clients. This could be creating a quick 5-question questionnaire for the client to fill out or asking them to pin a few items or send you a Loom video of what they are looking for. It will be your job to assess what the client wants and bring it to life visually. 

Going beyond the basic

In this role, we need someone who sees problems and uses their expertise to solve them. For example, if the client says they want a sales page design that you don’t believe is intuitive enough, we expect that you will use your expertise to advise on a better solution. 

If a client passes off content to be posted on Instagram and the content has a typo. We want the designer to fix the typo. (Of course, this will be in moderation, we don’t expect you to be a copywriter, but this is an example to say we don’t just want someone on the team who copies and pastes things and doesn’t speak up). 

Another example is sometimes content looks great in copy but when it’s designed it looks clunky. A paragraph on a Story slide for IG looks shorter in a Word document but then when you try to put the text in the design it can be cluttered. We want this role to take the initiative to create a spin on the design or to create what the client wants but advise on a better solution. 


Designing Content Assets (Canva)

  • Youtube Thumbnails
  • Podcast covers
  • IG reel covers & story slides
  • Instagram static and carousel posts
  • Email Banners

Designing Client Assets 

  • Presentation slides for clients 
  • Media Kits for PR
  • Showit website pages 

Client Communication & Project Management

  • Communicating via Slack and Clickup with the client & Kierra
  • You’ll be responsible for making content revisions within 24-48hrs. 
  • You’ll be in a thread in Slack with the clients where you will notify them that their updates are complete.


  • Total hours 
  • For Kierra’s content, this role will start at 10 hours a month. 
  • For KLC campaign management clients this role will fluctuate between 10-50 hours a month depending on how many clients we have. We have designated 10 hours per client and are expecting a minimum of 5 clients a month. 
  • Working schedule Monday-Friday and must be located within the USA, -PST EST, CST, or MT time zones
  • Turnaround times are 24-48hrs for client and KLC assets. 
  • Daily Slack Check-Ins
  • We may have team meetings on Mondays between 11 a.m. and 12:30 PST. If you can’t make this timeframe we will coordinate with you to find a better time. 
  • Daily Clickup Task Management. Task Management is extremely important. You are expected to close out every day with your tasks completed or reassigned for a reasonable due date. If this is challenging for you, don't apply.


We prefer at least 60% of these skills from our candidates:

Strong Knowledge and expertise In ClickUp

Strong Knowledge and expertise In Showit

Strong Knowledge and expertise In Google Suite

Strong Knowledge and expertise In Slack

Strong Knowledge and expertise In Canva

Strong Knowledge and expertise In Loom

Strong Knowledge of Social platforms like IG, Email, TikTok, etc.

Knowledge of the Online Coaching Industry 

Experience with Agency Marketing

Marketing Operations & Administrative Experience 

Online Program Launch Experience 

The Hourly rate


Application Process

Is this a role you can see yourself loving? Submit this application form.

If we decide to move forward, we will have you complete a paid test project that will have sample written work as you will experience in this role.

If you're invited to complete a test project, you will be paid for this project regardless of whether we choose to hire you or not.

If you want to do research before applying, look us up here:

IG: @klc.thestudio

We will reach out to you via email if we would like to move forward. If you do not receive an email within 7-10 days, we decided not to move forward at this time. Thank you for your interest!

$$ 36-50/hr

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