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Digital Paid Ad’s Specialist


About the job

Part Time, Fixed Term Contract Position


We are seeking a skilled Digital Paid Ad Specialist to develop and implement a comprehensive online advertising strategy across multiple channels and languages. The focus will be on using our existing content to drive conversions, increase engagement, and expand our social media presence.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Multilingual Ad Campaign Management: Set up and optimize paid advertising campaigns across various platforms (Meta Ads Manager for Instagram and Facebook, Google Ads, YouTube, and TikTok) for our English, Spanish, Hindi, and Brazilian Portuguese channels.
  • Content Utilization: Efficiently use our existing content to create impactful ads tailored to each language and cultural context.
  • Conversion and Engagement Focus: Develop strategies for both conversion-oriented campaigns (sign-ups for free challenges) and engagement ads to boost social media growth.
  • Platform Expertise: Execute and manage campaigns across different platforms, ensuring cohesive strategy and branding.

Ideal Requirements:

  • Experience in managing ad campaigns - Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram), Google Ads, YouTube, and TikTok.
  • Analytical skills for performance assessment and strategy adjustment.
  • Ability to creatively repurpose existing content for maximum impact in paid ads. (Or offer suggestions for our internal design teams to execute).
  • Pay: Dependent on experience and time needed. (Schedule can be flexible)
  • If you or someone you know are interested, please reach out. The GenV team has some exciting things planned for 2024 and we could use your help! 💚


Generation Vegan is a global non-profit dedicated to educating people about the environmental, ethical, personal, and public health benefits of adopting a plant-based lifestyle.


Meta Ads Manager, Google Ads (ideal)

Freelance Remote

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