Marketing Integrator & Project Manager

Remote (United States) +2


If you love the idea of being the person who “gets shit done”, we want to talk to you. If you don’t want to be the business owner with all the weight and responsibility on his or her shoulders, but you do want to be the one to help that person bring their vision to life, we want to talk to you. If you have a knack for both people and processes, we want to talk to you! 

Cornell Content Marketing is a psychology-infused content marketing and copywriting agency that is steadily growing, including a newly-launched consulting branch. We’re looking for an enthusiastic, positive, and proactive person to join our team as our CEO’s integrator. 

In your role, you will support the CEO closely, taking her ideas and strategies and pulling the pieces together for clients – with the support of our incredible team of creatives, VAs, and our Operations Manager – to bring them to fruition. This is the perfect role for a Jack or Jane of All Trades who gets great satisfaction from checking things off a list and ensuring quality ideas and strategies turn into quality work and services. 

Our goal at Cornell Content Marketing is to create a superb client experience. We want every single one of our clients to feel cared for and excited to see an email from us in their inbox. Likewise, our CEO is busy wearing multiple hats – including marketing, sales, creative direction, client management, and copywriting – and is in need of a supportive team member to facilitate projects to completion and liaise with partners.

Therefore, our ideal Marketing Integrator is someone who is chipper and can convey a smile through even the briefest of emails. Our Marketing Integrator will be someone who embodies the qualities of gratitude, compassion, and service, while also being productive, proactive, and innovative. We’re looking for someone who is able to foster close and long-term working relationships with our leadership team, as well as our team of talented creatives. 


The responsibilities of the Marketing Integrator include:

  • Shadowing the CEO during strategy and planning meetings
  • Taking strategies and projects and turning them into project plans and task lists in Asana
  • Completing research on markets, tools, and tactics, as directed
  • Digital file management
  • Managing in-house podcast planning and guest communications
  • Delegating certain tasks to the right team members (e.g., delegating the scheduling of pre-made social media posts to our VA, etc.)
  • Managing PodMatch to arrange for media placements for the CEO and recruit guests for the in-house podcast
  • Assisting the Operations Manager in various projects
  • Minor website support, such as technical testing

Many tasks will be taught and trained on the job, but prior marketing experience is required. The ideal candidate for this role will be a high S or high C on the DISC personality assessment. 

The role will start out with an estimated 15 - 20 hours per week and will grow over time up to 25 - 35 hours per week, depending on your availability. 

All work will be done remotely. No on-site work or commuting necessary. 


The candidate for this position must be:

  • Based in Pacific, Mountain, Central, or Eastern US Time Zones
  • An excellent communicator
  • Skilled with time management
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Willing and eager to form lasting bonds with a dedicated team that wants to work and grow together


Please include your desired hourly rate or monthly retainer with your application. 

Compensation will be commensurate with skill. In most cases, we will do our best to accommodate your requested rate.


Please fill out the application form here.

Once your application is received, we'll review your information and, if we feel you may be a good fit, we'll invite you to complete an interview with our CEO.

$ 26-35/hr

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