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Social Media & Influencer Manager

Remote (United States)

Position Overview:

We are seeking a dynamic and creative Social Media & Influencer Manager to spearhead our social media presence and influencer outreach efforts. Reporting directly to the Head of Product, you will play a pivotal role in creating our brand identity and communicating its value proposition to our target audience through social posts. The ideal candidate will possess a profound comprehension of Gen Z's evolving habits and preferences, including a keen awareness of current trends and cultural shifts. They should demonstrate a genuine passion for cultivating authentic connections within the digital landscape. Moreover, the candidate must exhibit strong communication skills, adept at articulating our unique brand personality and voice consistently across all posts and while sourcing and guiding influencers.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and execute a comprehensive social media strategy to increase our brand awareness and organic social acquisition across various platforms (Instagram & TikTok) – this include defining themes for the next 5 months of posts, creating a backlog of posts, defining a post schedule, and executing on these objectives each week
  • Define overarching themes and content pillars that resonate with our target audience, aligning with the app's mission of promoting real-life interactions and combating loneliness, all while utilizing our distinct voice and personality in each post
  • Create compelling, high-quality content (including graphics, videos, and written posts) that effectively communicates our core values, positioning, value prop, and encourages user social engagement on posts and promotes acquisition
  • Manage the social media content calendar/tracking sheet, ensuring a consistent posting schedule and timely engagement with followers
  • Promptly and thoughtfully respond to comments on posts, fostering a sense of connection and dialogue among followers each week.
  • Source and cultivate relationships with nano and micro-influencers who are a part of our target audience, encompass our brand values, and can effectively promote the app to their followers
  • Establish clear posting guidelines for influencers across Instagram, including posts, reels, and TikTok content, ensuring adherence to our brand standards for optimal user acquisition through paid posts
  • Maintain a comprehensive tracking sheet to monitor influencer outreach efforts on a weekly basis, tracking new influencer contacts, negotiation status, and post schedules
  • Review and provide feedback on draft posts submitted by influencers, ensuring alignment with our brand, maintaining consistency in posting frequency, and staying ahead of our influencer posting schedule objectives
  • Ensure that our influencer strategy is meeting our CPA goals by meticulously tracking post performance and continuously refining our approach based on insights gained
  • Collaborate closely with the product and design teams as necessary for post creation, influencer sourcing, and any other support required, while keeping all stakeholders informed of ongoing requests and developments
  • Provide support for other various marketing initiatives as required, such as organizing and executing Brand Ambassador events, developing targeted dark ads on social media, and more
  • Stay up-to-date on industry trends, emerging platforms, and best practices in social media marketing, incorporating innovative strategies to keep us ahead of the curve!


  • Proven track record of success in brand marketing and social media management, preferably with Gen Z-focused brands in tech
  • Deep understanding of Gen Z's digital behaviors, preferences, and trends, with a keen awareness of the social and cultural factors shaping their online interactions.
  • Strong creative and storytelling skills, with the ability to craft compelling narratives that utilize our brand assets and resonate with our target audience
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work cross-functionally and effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Experience working with influencers and content creators, with a knack for identifying authentic brand partnerships that drive engagement and conversions
  • Strong proficiency in social media creation tools and tracking products (e.g. Canva, FB Biz Manager, AppsFlyer, Google Sheets) to track and measure the success of marketing campaigns and optimize performance
  • Passion for our mission of promoting real-life connections and combating Gen Z loneliness

Expected Outcomes:

  • Create, schedule, and post organic content 3-5 times per platform (6-10 total) per week
  • Source, manage, and ensure 420 nano and micro-influencer posts from June-November

Compensation & Duration:

  • Pay is $25-$40 an hour depending on experience
  • Up to 12 hours per week
  • 16+ weeks
Freelance Part-Time Remote
$ 26-35/hr $$ 36-50/hr
Entry-Level Junior

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